Gestation length and birth weight of Kenana cattle under village conditions in the Gezira State

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198 Kenana calves (114 males and 84 females) in Barakat area of the Gezira Scheme were involved in this study during (1990/1992). an overall mean calf birth weight of 24.60±0.30kg during 283.72±0.21 days of gestation.

Sex of calf highly affected both gestation length and calf birth weight (P<0.001) male calves gestated 2-days longer and about 1kg heavier at birth than females.

A significant season influences on gestation length and calf birth weight the longest gestation (P<0.001) and heaviest weight (P<0.05) by the wet summer calvers in contrast to the shortest length of gestation and lightest weight attained by the dry summer ones.

Sex of calf and calving season of this study affects both gestation length and calf birth weight, male calves and wet summer longer and have heaviest weight

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